How are you?
This is Kyung Soo, Kim as the president of Kyungil Industry which is specialize in automatic system and parts of special welding machine.
Since we opened our factory, we could have supported our customer by off-line. But now, we can support our customer by on-line of our homepage.

When we have established our factory in May of 1986, our factory depended on import from overseas of welding parts. So we thought to study of home make and contribute to Industry of our country, we can make high quality of parts which is request for our customer.

Our research and development for 17 years, we can make our system which is can make the low cost and make the better quality of products by our accumulated technology and good experience.

Kyungil Industry is certified of welding parts and around machinery and tools from domestic and overseas. We will make an effort to be a best factory in the world with our pride of the best factory and our motive the intention of future, best quality, satisfication of customer.

Thank you.