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NO name standard  
1 EARTH CLAMP square large 1500A  
2 EARTH CLAMP square middle 1000A certification of design
3 EARTH CLAMP square small 500A  
4 EARTH CLAMP nippers    
specification & drawing
500A A110 X B72
1500A A140 X B75
NO name standard  
1 ROTATION EARTH CLAMP 1500A certification of practical
use #0360910
NO ԰
1 2500~3000A
2 1500A
3 1000A
inverter terminal extra-large inverter argon terminal
inverter terminal small inverter terminal middle inverter terminal large
arc terminal(3~10kg) arc terminal(15~30kg)
name standard()
chohung 4ROLL upper -
chohung 4ROLL lower 0.9X1.2, 1.0X1.0
1.2X1.2, 1.2X1.6
chohung 4ROLL upper -
chohung 4ROLL lower 0.9X1.2, 12X1.2, 1.2X1.6